Inspired Wellness

What I’m About

As as a healer I believe in the body’s innate ability to restore itself, and as an artist, I believe in our ability to create new ways of healing. I use my work as a way to remind us that we have a choice in how we navigate our lives. Just as resiliency lives within the human spirit, so too does natural healing reside within the human body. For far too long western and mainstream healthcare has spoon fed us the lie that we cannot be happy and healthy without their external interventions; this cannot be further from the truth.

With that, I am here to usher in a shift in perspective and change in mindset. Striving to be a continual instrument of tranquility and lasting wellness, my goal is to help us all sustain our own sense of health and continued well being.

I look forward to holding that space with you.

“Healing is an ART. It takes TIME. It takes PRACTICE. It takes LOVE.”

-Pavana Reddy