Inspired Wellness

“Healing is an ART. It takes TIME. It takes PRACTICE. It takes LOVE.”

-Pavana Reddy

Creative Wholeness |krēādiv hōlnəs| n 1. A holistic sense of health and wellbeing as achieved and maintained through active work. 2. The ability to utilize lasting behavior change as a preventative solution to wellness concerns

Western and mainstream healthcare spoon-feeds you the lie that you cannot be happy and healthy without their external interventions. This cannot be further from the truth.

Learn to reconnect to your natural healing potential.

What I’m About

I believe in the body’s innate ability to restore itself. Just as resiliency lives within the human spirit, so too does natural healing reside within the human body. Working within this framework I encourage your autonomy in how you navigate and sustain holistic wellness along your life path. I work with you to understand your health story in order to create a practical plan that restores balanced wellness into every aspect of your daily life.

Everything Is Art

I believe that healing is an art, and therefore calls for a sense of creativity when it comes to cultivating wellness. Although true healing requires disciplined work, remember that you can create what the work looks like for you! Start playing an active role in your wellness.