Challenging Election Day Blues

I know, I know, many of you will probably see this and think “Oh my goodness please stop with all the election talk” or “ Please no, not again”. Trust me, I understand. With everything going on around us it often is compounded with our constant interaction with the media feeding us into forced consumption. I get it, I hear you and I am here with you, but y’all, come on, what is happening in America?

I ask this not in a “Trump is an idiot”, though he is, kind of way but in a “why don’t we want more for ourselves as a collective ” kind of way. Many of us are so focused on not wanting to keep Trump in office, which I understand, but we have neglected the issues present within the system as a whole. If this year has taught us anything it is that we as a people, as a nation, need a radical change, and that change will not happen by only removing a certain someone from office. 

Now to be clear, I in no way support a narcissistic, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, (the list goes on for days) psychopath as our leader, however I challenge us to ask ourselves how are other politicians any different? Don’t they all lie and scheme, often attempting to hide the blood on their hands as they continue to do wrong by us in some way? I believe it is time that we demand better than what we are given.

Many of us see our options for leadership and feel as if getting the lesser of two evils is a win, and while I agreed with that mindset for so long I am tired of it. I’m tired of having to settle for the “not as bad” because our alternative is pure insanity. When will we have the chance to have some good? When will we be able to have systems in place that actually work for and with us instead of needing us to support the continued corruption and brainwashing?

While we all await the tallying of the final votes I challenge us to start thinking of ways that we as individuals wish to challenge and change the state of our country. In all honesty, regardless of who wins, we are far from OK. We need a revolution, and that means we need to abolish all of the systems that oppress and dehumanize us and our people.

Yes, I understand that this may be hard to think about with the results still hanging in the balance but no matter what the results give us, we need to demand better. I cannot say that I know for sure how to achieve this, but I do want to start these conversations to get us thinking and aware of the vicious cycles that we so easily fall into. So, even when, and I’m being hopeful here, our current president is removed from office, let’s not take our hopes for a blue president as a win. Instead, let’s continue to work together to truly create the change that America needs to see. We deserve that much.  

“Revolutions Never Go Backward”

-Wendell Phillips


Published by Rodnisha Ford

As a healer, creative, and dance enthusiast Rodnisha moves to the beat of her own imagination. Committed to helping people find creative ways to heal, she uses writing and personal narrative as a healing outlet in hopes of encouraging and inspiring others to do the same. Find more of her writing and learn about her holistic wellness consultation services at

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