Comparison Games

All too often we compare ourselves to our imagined destinations. Focusing on where we have not yet gone and the things we have not yet accomplished, we constantly tend to sell ourselves short. Not seeing and acknowledging the things we have done, instead we fall into a pit of self loathing and negative self talk.Continue reading “Comparison Games”

Reclaiming Humanity: Black Lives Matter

As I sit back reflecting on the riots and destruction taking place in the name of Black lives and how much or little they matter, I am filled with a disruptive rage. Typically overflowing with an unbearable anger that often does my body and mind more harm than good, this fury is slow and steady,Continue reading “Reclaiming Humanity: Black Lives Matter”

Surviving Isolation

As we sit amidst the chaos and uncertainty of a worldwide pandemic I can’t help but contemplate the universally felt feeling of loss. As we all suffer through the overwhelming emotions that come with lockdowns and quarantine, we are faced with a deeper realization that we often so easily take life’s simple pleasures for granted.Continue reading “Surviving Isolation”

Walking the Sharp Edge

Lately I’ve been walking the sharp edge of letting go and remembering. Releasing what no longer serves me while creating space to honor and respect all that came before. In this space, I have found the raw essence of Black History Month. Most, when reflecting on this beautiful month of the year think of well-knownContinue reading “Walking the Sharp Edge”

A Closed Door Leads to Opened Creativity

In processing a recent rejection I couldn’t help but remember the cliche saying “When one door closes another one opens”. I cringed as the recording of these words replayed in my mind; I wanted it to stop. I had applied for a job that I thought I was a shoo-in for but unfortunately didn’t get.Continue reading “A Closed Door Leads to Opened Creativity”

A Year of True Self Discovery and Acceptance

Searching for self, a task we all must face at one time or another on this tediously exciting journey we call life. Longing to understand our individual callings as we decipher our life paths, we struggle to find that listening to ourselves is of the utmost importance to our growth and development. Often too afraidContinue reading “A Year of True Self Discovery and Acceptance”

The Start of a New Era

It is officially 2020, the dawn of a new era and the beginning of a new chapter for so many of us. While many joyously look forward to the start of a new year for all that it represents in the sense of being able to start over, this year seems to carry a bitContinue reading “The Start of a New Era”

Please Allow me to Introduce Myself, My Name is…

Writer. Artist. Poet. Wellness Enthusiast. Always Creative Rodnisha, however my name doesn’t seem to be as important as the reason I am here. I’m here to create and heal, giving myself and others a space to exist freely as we navigate the often chaotic intricacies of life. This space acts as shelter for those inContinue reading “Please Allow me to Introduce Myself, My Name is…”