How May I Assist Your Journey

I offer 1 on 1 coaching, group sessions, and informative workshops designed to provide useful tools for taking control of your wellness

1 on 1 Health Coaching

These personal sessions are designed to help guide you along your wellness journey. Recognizing any goals you may have, we will work as a team to find tools that help you turn your goals into a long lasting reality. If you prefer a space for communal healing, group sessions are available.

Creative Writing Workshops

Challenging all participants to view creativity as a way to heal, I guide you through activities that aim to connect you with the artist that lives within. Even if you do not feel creative, these workshops review an in depth guide on how to tap into and cultivate your inner sense of artistic expression.

Holistic Wellness Workshops

Created to cultivate wellness in mind, body, spirit, and emotions, I will help you recognize challenges and acknowledge areas of growth. Workshops are tailored to your specific needs but will include information on the mind-body connection, daily nutrition, movement, creativity, and mindfulness.

Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.

-Richard Wilkins

Schedule A Consult

Rates & Location

Wellness is a right, not a luxury. Standing firmly in this belief I create the space to meet clients and their finances where they are. While I do have hourly rates, during a free 15-minute consultation call we will discuss and agree to a rate that is manageable for you and reaching your goals.

For your convenience, I offer virtual, phone, and in-person sessions to help you achieve and maintain long-term success.

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