With chaos constantly surrounding us, affirming the magic within our existence is vital to our continued spiritual grounding. Updated monthly, use these affirmations to remind your spirit that you are perfect as you are at every level of your healing.

I Am Enough

So often we collectively experience bouts of feeling less than enough. As our accomplishments and efforts are constantly compared to those of everyone around us it is hard to see ourselves as deserving of the best. As we juggle the chaos of home distractions and the stress aiming to impress the world, we open ourselves up to falling between the cracks of feelings of inadequacy. This week may we be reminded that our presence and existence alone is simply enough. We do not have to do or be anything other than the perfectly imperfect human that we are. This week remember to create space for your true self, giving yourself permission to exist just as you are, because that, is enough.

Mental Affirmation:
“I am perfectly imperfect. I accept this truth into my space as I allow myself to evolve into the best version of my true self” 

Daily Mantra: 
“I Am Enough”

Igniting Creativity

Mental Affirmation:
“My creativity is not bound by the limitations of my mind. I am, therefore I can create.”

Daily Mantra:
“Creativity dwells within me.”

What is creativity to you? So often we get caught up behind the idea that creativity has to look a certain way when in reality we all are constantly creating everyday. Every time we form a new thought or articulate a new idea we are tapping in to the creative well that lives inside us all. This week’s affirmation is to serve as a reminder for you to tap into your creative spark. Harness the power it brings and utilize it to propel you into the next chapter of your life. We are the creators of our lives but we need to be open to the fun and playfulness within that creativity to do so. This week challenge yourself to do something creative. Whatever it is, as long as it comes from the creator in you, do it with passion, and watch yourself become inspired anew. 

I Am Evolving

So often it is easy to feel stuck, stagnant, unmoving. We feel as if we are putting in tons of work while only receiving what seems to be little growth; I think we need to expand our vision. Typically only directing our focus to tangible change we overlook the evolution that is taking place within our emotion, mind, spirit. Although expanding in our mental space or reshaping the way we manage our emotions may not be as visible or tangible as getting the desired job or losing that last 10 pounds, it is still growth, it is still evolution. This week I challenge you to evaluate all the ways in which you are evolving. Even if many of your areas of growth are not visible to the naked eye, I promise you they are there and deserving of just as much appreciation as any other transformation. As we evolve daily let’s remember to celebrate our growth and impression of beautiful things.

Mental Affirmation:
“I appreciate all personal growth for even small steps can create lasting change.”

Daily Mantra:
“My evolution exists today.”

Reminders that YOU are all of the magnificent things that ought to be celebrated daily.

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