PRIDE In Self Expression

Ideas pile up, turning into distant memories the longer they lay dormant. In the silent creases of night, cobwebs form on dreams that only hope to one day be brought to fruition. Have you ever felt like this before? As if everything you think about, everything you wish for just doesn’t seem to be comingContinue reading “PRIDE In Self Expression”

Trust Your Gut

Following our gut instincts will often get us far in life. Sitting down with ourselves, taking quiet time to listen and hear exactly what we need can often save us from potentially terrible fates. Recently I have come into a few situations where while I sought advice from close and well respected friends, what IContinue reading “Trust Your Gut”

Comparison Games

All too often we compare ourselves to our imagined destinations. Focusing on where we have not yet gone and the things we have not yet accomplished, we constantly tend to sell ourselves short. Not seeing and acknowledging the things we have done, instead we fall into a pit of self loathing and negative self talk.Continue reading “Comparison Games”